Tour of Absurd Person Singular 
 Encore Productions of New York City
November 1976 
 Debuted in South Bend, Indiania and in three weeks traveled to Davenport, Iowa; Roanoke and Norfolk, Virginia;  Raleigh, North Carolina and Scranton, Pennsylvania. 
Actor Role
Lewis Arlt Sidney Hopcroft
William Gray Espy Geoffrey Jackson
Helen Gallagher Marion Brewster-White
Kate Mulgrew Eva Jackson
Jim Pritchett Ronald Brewster-White
Jada Rowland Jane Hopcroft
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The relationship between Eva (Kate Mulgrew) and Jeffrey (sic) (William Gray Espy) is strained in the play. They are down on their luck and have no money. Both enjoyed working together and meeting fans. 
From "After an Absence of a Year - William Gray Espy Returns to the Stage" - Daytime TV (Feb. 1977)
An English play, it was startling to see the person we had become accustomed to as Snapper with a British accent. Epsy plays Jeffrey (sic) and Kate Mulgrew (Mary Ryan, Ryan's Hope), his wife, Eva. Helen Gallagher (Maeve Ryan, Ryan's Hope) played Marion, the wife of Jim Pritchett's (Dr. Matt Powers on The Doctors) Ronald. Jada Rowland (Carolee Aldrich, The Doctors) and Lewis Arlt (David Sloane, Search for Tomorrow) were Jane and Sidney. 

This play is not the light-hearted comedy that the previous Plaza Suite was, but more dramatic, with comedic overtones.

The recent hit stage plays toured by Encore Productions have been well received, and it does give the fans a great chance to see their favorite stars in other theatrical roles, as well as meet them after the play. 

From "An All-Soap Star Spectacular!: East Coast daytimers launch a touring company of Absurd Person Singular!" - TV Day Stars (March 1977) 

Rounding out this illustious cast are two of everybody's favorites: former Y&R great William Gray Espy, who's tending bar, and Kate Mulgrew, the pride of RH. 

Absurd Person Singular is a biting comedy, and the way these soapers play non-soapy roles attests to their genius. 
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