Laura Johnson, Ben Masters, Kate Mulgrew
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TELECAST:  March 23, 1988 to April 21, 1988 ; January 3, 1989 to April 6, 1989

Broadcast History:
    March 1988-April 1988, ABC Wed 10:00-11:00
    April 1988, ABC Thu 10:00-11:00
    January 1989-April 1989, ABC Thu 10:00-11:00

     Feminism met the TV doctor show met soap opera in this 1988 series. Women's Medical Arts was a new clinic founded by Doctors Joanne (Kate Mulgrew) and Eve, who believed that women should chart their own direction in the traditionally male-dominated world of medicine (though there were men on their staff), and an unintimidating relationship between patient and doctor. At WMA, patients were encouraged to call physicians by their first names ("Don't I call her 'doctor'?" "Not around's too much of a barrier between patient and doctor").

     Dr. Springsteen was a gynecologist and the driving force behind WMA; Eve, a surgeon; Leo, a handsome pediatrician and Joanne's love interest; Stan, a worried psychiatrist; Cory, a young black doctor and mother of two; and Paul, the group's fertility specialist. Their battles were fought in the clinic, at male-dominated Bay General Hospital, with which they were affiliated, and sometimes the bedroom.

     Heartbeat returned in early 1989 with a few more episodes, and a few cast and name changes, but it was no more successful. For reasons that were not explained, Eve's last name was now Calvert, and Joanne's was Halloran.

     Heartbeat was awarded the People's Choice Award for Best New Drama.

     TRIVIA: Joanne's dog is named Noah, and Eve's pet mouse is named Maevette.  Bill Conti composed the theme.

source - The Complete Directory to Primetime Network and Cable TV Shows 1946 - Present  by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh and The Ultimate TV Trivia Book by Vincent Terrace

People Weekly (March 28, 1988)
HEARTBEAT ABC (Wed., March 23, 9 p.m. ET) They fight. They talk. They hug. This two-hour premiere of a weekly one-hour dramatic series is about a group of women doctors (most of whom could double as fashion models) who set up their own medical center in L.A. Here, at Bay General, patients call doctors by their first names and drop by their houses at night, unannounced, for medical advice. To keep the battle of the sexes alive, several male doctors (including a hot-to-trot pediatrician and a swinging fertility specialist) have been admitted to the staff. Characters include Kate (Throw Momma from the Train) Mulgrew as a divorced, workaholic obstetrician; Laura (L.A. Law) Johnson as a sexy, pioneering cancer surgeon; and Ray (Places in the Heart) Baker as the world's dumbest shrink, and that's going some. Actually, for a soap opera, the show isn't half bad, but then it is the brainchild of Dynasty co-creator Esther Shapiro. The camaraderie among the women, especially when they rib each other about their sex lives, is refreshingly candid, as are the debates over female medical issues and the footage of babies being born.
Dr. Joanne Springsteen/Halloran
Kate Mulgrew
Dr. Eve Autrey/Calvert
Laura Johnson
Dr. Leo Rosetti
Ben Masters
Dr. Stan Gorshalk (1988)
Ray Baker
Priscilla Gorshalk (1988)
Katherine Cannon
Dr. Cory Banks
Lynn Whitfield
Nurse Marilyn McGath
Gail Strickland
Dr. Paul Jared
Darrell Larson
Receptionist Robin Flowers (1988)
Claudette Sutherland
Caroline Petrie (1988)
Shanna Reed
Nurse Alice Swanson (1989)
Julie Ronnie
Dr. Nathan Solt (1989)
Carmen Argenziano
Dixon Banks (1989)
Robert Gossett
Lyle Freedlander (1989)
Allan Miller
Hallie Todd
Gina Hecht
Donna Calvert
Amy Moore Davis
Beverly Rosetti
Julie Cobb
Nicky Rosetti
Micheal Faustino

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