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FIRST TELECAST:  September 15, 1991
LAST TELECAST:   October 27, 1991
Broadcast History:
    Sep 1991-Oct 1991, NBC Sun 8:00-8:30

This show centered around Jim Doyle, a small-time scam artist and gambler, who found himself suddenly appointed to the city council of Long View, California, to fill out the term of his recently deceased wife, a popular councilwomen.  He wasn't the pushover that unscrupulous Mayor Chardin (Kate Mulgrew)  thought he'd be, however. A single leftover hour long episode of this series was aired on December 6, 1991.

Source - The Complete Directory to Primetime Network and Cable TV Shows 1946 - Present  by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh

"Kate Mulgrew has a nice turn as the politically astute mayor."
 People Weekly - (Sept 16, 1991)
TV Guide - Sept. 21 - 27, 1991
Garner sticks up for People people
Man of the People's Jim Garner reports it's been hands off by network brass since he informed NBC executives he wanted them to stop interferring with the way costar Corinne Bohrer was playing the role of Constance Leroy. Some history here: Bohrer replaced Kathleen Quinlan, who quit after shooting the pilot, when according to her agent, "NBC made her the fall guy for everything that went wrong." Garner wanted Quinlan as his costar. I'm told the network didn't, but hired her because of Garner's clout and then proceeded  to criticize her work. Garner says he refused to let the same thing happen with Bohrer. Now, says Garner, "They come around only once in a while. It's 'How are you? Things look good'." Garner says he's noticed censors have far less to say these days, too. In his Rockford Files days in the '70s, he recalls, "we'd have one 'damn' or 'hell' per week and no cleavage at all. With Man of the People, it's been pretty much hands-off by the Standards and Practices people."

Councilman Jim Doyle James Garner
Constance Leroy Corinne Bohrer
Mayor Lisbeth Chardin Kate Mulgrew
Richard Lawrence Taylor Nichols
Councilman Art Lurie George Wyner
Rita Romy Walthall
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Episode Descriptions from TV Guide (incomplete list)
Broadcast: Sunday, Sept. 15, 1991
NBC - 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM ET

Debut: James Garner plays Jim Doyle, a sleazy "small-time grifter" who hits the big time when he's asked to fill the city-council seat held by his late ex-wife. Mayor Lisbeth Chardin: Kate Mulgrew, Constance: Corinne Bohrer, Rita: Romy Walthall, Art: George Wyner, Richard: Taylor Nichols. 

Broadcast: Sunday, Sept. 22, 1991
NBC - 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM ET

A free golf-course membership is Doyle's if he can get the promoter (Sandy Simpson) back with his old flame Constance (Corinne Bohrer) - who would sooner burn him at the stake. Doyle: James Garner, Wanda: Nichie Barrett

Broadcast: Sunday, Sept. 29, 1991
NBC - 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM ET

Doyle (James Garner) would be off to the races with six sure picks in the Pick Six were it not for a would-be jumper (Stuart Margolin) planning a plunge off City Hall. Constance: Corinne Bohrer. Rita: Romy Walthall

Broadcast: Sunday, Oct. 6, 1991
NBC - 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM ET

Meet Richard's mother Alexis (Tricia O'Neil) - wealthy, elegant, influential and it follows, utterly irresistible to Doyle (James Garner). Richard: Taylor Nichols, Lisbeth: Kate Mulgrew, Constance: Corinne Bohrer. 

Broadcast: Sunday, Oct. 27, 1991
NBC - 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM ET

A pint-size version of Doyle (Jussie Smollett) latches on to the councilman as if he were the father, the little hustler never had. Doyle: James Garner, Andrea: Lanei Chapman. 
[This series is going on hiatus.]

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